How to Maintain Ketosis While Following the Weight Watchers Plan

How to Maintain Ketosis While Following the Weight Watchers Plan

Ever wonder how to stay on the Weight Watchers Plan while staying Keto? Let me demonstrate. Both Keto and Weight Watchers are helpful for shedding pounds and leading healthy lives. Did you realise that the two might be combined? You can make the two strategies complement each other when it comes to eating well. While Weight Watchers focuses on caloric portion control, the keto diet is heavy in fat and low in carbohydrates. Even while it might appear that these two eating habits wouldn’t go well together, it is possible with a little effort (and compromise). Finding a means to ensure that the high-fat foods you consume while following the Keto Diet are healthy fats can help you stick to your point system and make the two programmes function together. Although it would take a lot of work to track for both programmes and it is likely that you won’t be able to follow both plans completely, the ideas from both programmes will help you get and stay healthy.

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Whatever diet you follow, it’s crucial to concentrate on consuming wholesome foods that your body requires if you want to lose weight. Weight Watchers is excellent for teaching portion control, which lessens the burden of tracking your carb intake. Keto aids in your body’s adaptation to fat, which is essential for losing excess weight.

Here is an excellent list of foods that are keto and have fewer Weight Watchers points if this feels like too much to take in.


It is crucial that you choose healthier fats to include in your diet if you wish to successfully combine these two diets. For instance, you should consume healthy oils in moderation rather than spreading cheese and butter on everything. Good alternatives include avocados, coconut butter, olive and coconut oil. One avocado might cost you more points than the majority of Weight Watchers meals, so you might want to rethink your points targets. The idea is to eat more healthy fats to feel fuller for longer while staying within your Weight Watchers point allowance.


When adhering to a strict Keto diet, you would typically consume a lot of bacon and fatty meats like a ribeye steak. However, when combining Keto with Weight Watchers, you should focus on consuming leaner protein sources like fish, chicken, turkey, and hog. I like the leaner, more flavorful meats of moose, caribou, and sheep because I reside in Alaska.

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Being successful on a combined Keto Weight Watchers eating plan requires the correct fruits and vegetables. Veggies are almost always an excellent keto option, and on Weight Watchers, you can eat them in virtually unlimited quantities. However, you must exercise caution when choosing the vegetables you include in your diet because some of them contain shockingly high levels of carbohydrates.

Keep eating salads, low-carb vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower, and zucchini. Cauliflower contains 29g of carbohydrates per head, so take it in moderation like you would any other food. Although veggies have no points on Weight Watchers, you can’t eat as much as you want of them since calories add up. Regarding fruits, the majority of them contain too many carbohydrates to be a consistent component of your diet when you are trying to lose weight. Berries including blueberries, salmon berries, blackberries, raspberries, and strawberries are the only exception.

Focusing on your carb consumption and making sure to keep it low—typically under 30 carbohydrates per day—is crucial when attempting to mix Keto and Weight Watchers. A healthy lifestyle adjustment should always include cutting out processed foods in favour of fresher, healthier, and more entire foods. This implies that unless it is frozen vegetables or berries, everything in a can or package from the freezer department shouldn’t be added to your shopping basket.

If you are tempted when browsing the grocery store aisles, using a service like InstaCart, which either delivers your goods or has them available for collection at your neighbourhood supermarket, would be a wise choice.

So, the answer is that you can successfully merge the two programmes. Although it is not automatic and may require some effort, if you stick with it, positive results will occur!

If you haven’t joined Weight Watchers yet, do so here. I follow a Keto AIP diet of the highest calibre. My gut’s healing from eating keto has helped me recover from several of my food allergies.

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